Why You Should Stop Slut-Shaming and Bang a Slut Instead.

According, to Google, a Slut (usually) refers a woman who has many casual sexual partners. To you, as a man or woman trying to get laid, this should not be a negative thing. Unless you are a strictly a serial monogamist, people with qualities that would ordinarily be described as slutty should not bother you at all. Instead of making these men and women the butt of your jokes and shaming them into oblivion, you should embrace them. Sluts are what’s keeping your sex life alive, after all.
It’s a bit of a double standard, isn’t it? Not just between men and women, but between you and the person you are looking at as a potential sexual partner or even a previous lover. Here are a few reasons why you should stop shaming the sluts in your life and start celebrating their sexual promiscuity.
1. Unless A Particular Slut Doesn’t Practice Safe Sex, You Have Nothing to Worry About
Slut is thought of as a dirty word. However, if you really think about it sluts are probably the last people on earth to be lacking in personal hygiene.
Firstly, sluts get laid a lot so they either must be attractive or at the very least gosh darn charming. If you think about it, attractive people are usually pretty hygienic. Dirty hipsters arenít even really that dirty, they spend hours and hundreds of dollars to make their hair look like that on purpose. And hygienic people are also similarly careful when it comes to sexual hygiene. No self-respecting slut is going to put their vibrant sex life in danger by not using a condom or not getting tested.
So, have sex with sluts. Theyíre probably going to be more anal (ha) about protection than you have ever been in your entire adult life.
2. They Have Sex a Lot so They Probably Know What Theyíre Doing
If you practice an instrument youíre probably going to excel at playing that instrument, right? The same thing applies to sex. People who have a lot of sex, tend to excel at sex. So why would you bang a sexually conservative person when there are hundreds of thousands of sluts near you? Itís only logical that if you want to have good sex you should fuck someone who is good at sex, which usually means they have a lot of sex. Duh.
So, have sex with sluts. Theyíre probably a better fuck than lilí ol unslutty you.

I mean the most important thing here is that local sluts are infinitely more likely to bang you than any unattainable person you have your eye on. If you want to have a reasonably active sex life you might want to have sex with a couple sluts. I mean common, if youíre looking to get laid itís kind of a no brainer.

So, have sex with a slut. Theyíre more likely to have sex with you than literally anyone else.

I mean common, go have sex with a slut. Maybe consider becoming a slut yourself. Because if youíre a slut you most likely have excellent sexual hygiene, great skills in bed, and a thriving sex life.

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